My Forthcoming Book

I am presently working on my first book. Its working title is With Feeling: How Musicians Survive Crisis. 

Between the ages of 25 and 30, several important things happened to me. My mother got cancer and died; I got married and divorced; and I began to identify as queer after spending my entire life thinking I was straight. 

As all this was taking place, I managed to get a musical career off the ground in Chicago—and then found myself questioning whether I even wanted that career anymore. 

While my circumstances were unique, the challenges I faced were universal. Every human being goes through dark and challenging periods in their lives. We all face change, loss, upheaval, and painful transformation.

But what I found myself asking was: what does this suffering have to do with my creative work? How can I integrate what I'm learning into a different kind of life, and a different kind of career? And what the hell is everybody else going through?

After years of work, I finally feel like I'm out of the woods. So I'm now researching and writing the With Feeling book. I'm talking to people whose lives and careers have been transformed by grief, loss, physical injury, mental illness, and other major crises. I'm asking how they knew they were in trouble; how they coped and healed; what's changed and what hasn't.

At the end of this writing journey, I hope to be able to offer a book that will support artists going through difficult times. If this mission is of interest to you, you can support my research here.  

You can also access an archive of my research, essays, and articles.