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CURATING YOURSELF: An Artistic Identity Workshop For Performers

For singers and instrumentalists, conservatory education is highly focused on mastering technique and craft. We play repertoire assigned by our teachers, and work to emulate the playing style of great masters. It’s hard enough to learn how to play the violin/piano/trombone/timpani without worrying about … pretty much anything else!

But for those who wish to build independent careers as chamber musicians, soloists, arts advocates, and educators, there’s a parallel track to pursue: developing a personal artistic identity.

What repertoire are you passionate about, and how can you discover more of it? (What repertoire aren’t you passionate about, and how can you politely say “no” to it?) What performance situations do you thrive in? What makes you unique among all the other flutists, sopranos, and oboists out there? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, stand on your head, or wear a crazy outfit to stand out.

This workshop will allow you time and space to study examples of performers who have developed an authentic identity, and reflect on the kind of performer you want to be. Clarifying your passions as a performer will make you happier and more focused as you plan recitals, take gigs, and set long-term goals.

Great for: singers and instrumentalists at every career stage.

4 classroom hours, structured in two 2-hour sections. Plus one-on-one consults for each participant.