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HOW TO WRITE ABOUT YOUR WORK (And Get Fired Up In The Process)

Telling the story of your work -- whether you’re an ensemble, performer, composer, or organization -- opens so many doors. It helps you connect with funders, collaborators, and audience members who share your passions and values. But it’s also much more than a means to an end. At its best, writing about your work helps you connect to your core mission as an artist -- why you do what you do. This deep understanding can become your “rock” as you face the profound challenges of artistic life.

Drawing on my years of experience writing about my own work and the work of others, I will guide participants in a series of writing exercises that help us define our mission, vision, strengths, and passions. We will then explore how this clear self-understanding can be communicated through channels such as bios, blog posts, project descriptions, and social media. Participants will leave the workshop with working drafts, writing guidelines for the future, and a finely honed sense of what makes their “work mission” unique.

Great for: conservatory students, professional musicians, composers, ensemble founders, and anyone wearing a development or marketing hat.

This workshop includes 4 classroom hours, structured in two 2-hour sections, plus individual consults for each participant.