Things to let go of, things to cultivate in the New Year

I've come to realize that the arrival of the New Year is truly one of my favorite holidays. It's a time for reflection, for gratitude, and for the simple excitement of making a new start. And it's the one day of the year when writing in your journal truly feels like a national pastime. I love it!

As artists, we are so fortunate. We have a great deal of choice and agency as we shape our daily reality, pivoting to new projects and challenges when the moment is right. However, this also places a huge amount of pressure on us to make decisions constantly. We can't go on auto-pilot. We have to be centered and clearly aligned in order to create the lives we want. That's where intention becomes so important. 

This year, I was lucky to spend a quiet New Year's Day weekend with my partner, Susan. We went on some wonderful winter walks, drank some fabulous coffee, and enjoyed each other's company in the quiet of Madison, Wisconsin. I spent a good amount of time writing in my journal, thinking about what I want to cultivate in 2016 and what I want to let go. 

I hope you'll share some of your own reflections, and link me to your own blog posts, in the comments. 

In the "letting go" category:

  • Needing things to be perfect.
  • Needing things to be perfect, RIGHT NOW.
  • Comparing myself to others.
  • Searching for answers outside myself. 

In the "cultivating" category: 

  • Letting my body lead.
  • The courage to dream, and then to act.
  • Asking for help and support. 

They don't look like a whole lot on paper, but I believe if I can keep these gentle resolutions in mind, my life and art will be truly transformed. 

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May all your coffee drinks be this adorable in the New Year.