With Feeling provides a place for musicians & artists to share personal stories and helpful resources about the connection between mind, body, spirit, and our creative work. The site's author is Ellen McSweeney.


Why With Feeling?

In the last several decades, fields such as neuroscience and psychology have unearthed exciting discoveries about what contributes to human flourishing. We have access to nuanced understandings of major issues such as racism, sexism, economic inequality, and mental health. New lines of inquiry have begun to take root; there is a new openness to yoga, meditation, mind-body therapies, and even compassionate workplaces.

Is classical music experiencing its own parallel awakening along these lines? And if so, where?

With Feeling provides a gathering place for musicians interested in creating positive transformation, within ourselves and our institutions. I seek out interesting musicians who are exploring this arena, and lift up their work for others to see. By sharing stories and resources, I hope to support health, healing, and positive transformation in the musical community.