Thank you so much for visiting Artist's Huddle! My name is Ellen McSweeney. I'm a violinist, writer, singer, performer, and songwriter. I started Artist's Huddle as a platform from which I could serve artists and institutions through research, writing, consulting, and teaching. 

In the past decade, I founded the string trio Chicago Q Ensemble, helped launch the contemporary tape label Parlour Tapes+, and have written some of the most widely read articles in the history of NewMusicBox. I've been a Suzuki violin teacher in Africa, a program annotator for Lincoln Center, a freelance violinist, and a full-time marketing staff member of Music of the Baroque.

For most of my career, I've existed in the space between performer, creator, and cultural critic. Each of these practices has deeply informed the others. I'm fascinated by the deep questions that modern musicians face: How do we build careers from our own unique identities, and not someone else's? How can music be part of healing our broken world? How can our schools and institutions become more diverse, relevant, and inclusive? And how can we keep connecting with our communities so that musicians can earn a living and have an impact?

These are the questions I've spent my career grappling with, and I know that many of you are grappling with them, too. I'm excited to offer workshops and consulting services that will help us tackle these questions together. 

To get in touch, email me at ellen.mcsweeney [at] You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Most importantly, join the Email Huddle! for weekly round-ups of everything that's happening here.